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Please Note: The external waiting list is currently open for families of 4 or more people. Subsidy available. Applications for families with three people or less will not be accepted at this time.

* If you have already submitted an External Waiting List Application and wish to renew it for another year, please use your access code and email below. *

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2. Co-Applicant

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Last Name
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3. Background

How long have you lived at your current address?
Do you and the Co-Applicant currently live together? Yes No
What is the type of your present housing? Live in a Co-op Rent Own your home
Are you an adult child who grew up in the coop and have lived away for at least two years? Yes No

4. Unit

Do you require an accessible unit? Yes No

5. Dependants and Other Household Members

How many people (including children) will live in your unit?
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Relation to Applicant First Name Last Name Gender Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
Shared Custody: If your children do not live with you 100% of the time, please give details.

6. Employment Information

Are you or the Co-Applicant self-employed? Yes No
Self-employed since:
Provide company name and/or type of business


Employed Since:
If employment noted above is for less than 1 year, please provide previous employment information and if you are not currently employed, please give details of your source(s) of income.


Employed Since:
If employment noted above is for less than 1 year, please provide previous employment information and if you are not currently employed, please give details of your source(s) of income.

7. Pet Policy

There is a "Pet Policy" currently in effect. Do you own a pet? Yes No

8. Confidential Financial Information

This information will be kept separately to limit access to your financial information. The Co-op requires the following information in order to maintain the economic viability of the Co-op. Accuracy is essential. In all categories of income, use CURRENT GROSS ANNUAL FIGURES. List all sources of income.

Please use numbers only; omit commas; decimals are accepted.

Applicant Income Co-Applicant Income Other Adults' Income (16+)
Self-employed Gross
E.I. Income
Pension Totals
Child Support/Alimony

Please note if you expect any significant changes in your income during the next 12 months, please provide the date, reason (e.g. retiring, having a baby, promotion etc.) and approximate increase/decrease.

9. Additional Questions

  • Comment on your experience and/or knowledge of co-operative or group projects. This can include such things as housing co-operatives, business experience, daycare, volunteer organizations, trade unions, food co-operatives, etc.

  • What do you know about False Creek Co-operative Housing Association?

  • Comment on the expected value to you of living in a co-operatively owned housing association. Why are you interested in co-operative living?

  • If you are currently living in a co-operative, why are you considering moving to another co-operative?

  • How would you contribute to the co-operative? Suggest skills and interests that you could contribute.

  • Additional Information.

A Little About Us

The False Creek Co-operative Housing Association (FCCHA) was founded in 1974 on the motto "People Helping People". We have since, through participation, responsibility and good neighbouring amongst the members, been able to sustain affordable housing at a prime location in Vancouver. Our co-op functions through "co-operative spirit" and the involvement of its members on the Board of Directors and the following committees: Finance, Membership, Internal Building Maintenance, External Building Maintenance, Grounds/Gardening (Enclave 5 and 6), Newsletter, Move in-Move out, Apartment Housing, Communal Space, Website and Parking. One of the principles established when the FCCHA came into existence was the belief that the co-op should not be a form of rental housing. Instead, it is a form of home ownership, providing many benefits to the members, but at the same time also requiring certain commitments from those members in the form of participation that makes our community viable, safe and fun to live in. Our co-op exists to serve its members. Housing co-ops offer affordable housing and build communities where members contribute in support of each other. Good governance ensures that there is ethical guidance and structures and processes in place to keep the purpose of the organization in focus and to ensure it has the resources to achieve its purpose. Good management ensures that the people, tools and skills are in place to get needed jobs done. Members ensure good leadership by electing a Board of Directors from among themselves annually and participating in deliberations and decision making. At False Creek Housing Co-op, we promote a healthy community that contributes to everyone’s well being through friendly interactions in our day-to-day contacts and through attention to the work of governing the organization.



The False Creek Co-operative Housing Association aspires to create an inclusive, respectful community that is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.


Our co-op is situated around Charleson Park in the False Creek South neigbourhood of Vancouver. We are divided into two enclaves with a total of 170 units. Enclave 5 has 82 units and is situated east of Charleson Park. Enclave 6 has w88 units and is west of the park.

Houses and Courtyards

The two enclaves are slightly different; each has a slightly different layout and combination of units. In Enclave 6 there are 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units, a playground and a communal space. Enclave 5 also has 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units plus a building with 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, a communal space, and the office.


Safe & Secure

Family Oriented

Pet Friendly


CHF Canada

LGBT Friendly



We have 170 units in an array of 1 and 2 bedroom apartments and 2, 3, and 4 bedroom townhouses in the beautiful False Creek South neighbourhood.:

  • There are 24 apartments and 146 town houses that make up False Creek Housing Co-op
  • All units have a private deck
  • Many units have a large storage space
  • Washer and dryer hook-ups in the townhouses
  • Short walk to Granville Island
  • Communal garden on site
  • Playground on site
  • Communal spaces on site
  • Woodworking room on site
  • All units include one parking stall
  • Management office on-site
    Office hours:
    Monday & Wednesday from 9:30am- 2:30pm
    Tuesday & Thursdays from 11:30am-2:30pm
  • Office telephone number: 604.874.3311

Monthly Housing Charge

Charge Description Size Number of Units
$722 1 Bedroom Apartment 594 sq ft. 0
$794 2 bedroom Apartment 653 sq ft. 0
$1,023 2 Bedroom Townhouse 841 sq ft. 0
$1,185 3 Bedroom Townhouse 975 sq ft. 0
$1,325 3 Bedroom Townhouse plus 1,090 sq ft. 0
$1,447 4 Bedroom Townhouse 1,190 sq ft. 0

Housing Share Purchase

Charge Description
$5,700 1 Bedroom Apartment: $1,600 plus $4,500*
$6,920 2 Bedroom Apartment: $1,920 plus $5,450*
$9,411/$9,561 2 Bedroom Townhouse: $2,611 plus $7,300* (upper unit $2661 plus $7,400*)
$10,378/$10,837 3 Bedroom Townhouse: $2,878 plus $8,050* (3bedroom plus loft $3,037 plus $8,400*)
$11,137 4 Bedroom Townhouse: $3,137 plus $8,700*
* *Estimated CPI (Consumer Price Index) dollar figure changes on a monthly basis

Please have a look around

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Our Neighbourhood

711 Millyard Vancouver, BC V5Z 3Z9

Local Amenities


False Creek Elementary
Kitsilano Secondary
Emily Carr University of Art & Design

Community Centre

False Creek Community Centre
Creekside Community Centre

Local Shopping

Granville Island
Cambie & Broadway
West 4th
South Granville


Vancouver General Hospital
BC Childrens Hospital
BC Cancer Agency
St. Pauls Hospital
BC Womens Hospital


Charleson Park


Bus Service
Canada Line
False Creek Ferries & Aquabus

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